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Es nuestra meta que estos libros estén disponible en una biblioteca cerca de ti a través de nuestro programa Homeschool Connections: Book by Book with Libraries. Verifica en las bibliotecas para los libros disponibles ahora.

Nota: Todos son en inglés. Favor de enviarnos tus recomendaciones de recursos en español. ¡Gracias!

Información General

Web sites

T’CHERs (The Caribbean Center of Home Education Resources)
A to Z Homeschool’s Cool
Home Education Magazine (HEM)
Nat’l Home Ed Network (NHEN)
American Homeschool Assn. (AHA)
About .com  (Tiene páginas en español)


Colfax, David and Micki: Homeschooling for Excellence
Reed, Donn: The Homeschool Source Book
Rupp, Rebecca: Good Stuff: Learning Tools for All Ages
Kaufeld, Jennifer: Homeschooling for Dummies
Orr, Tamra: A Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling

Preschool – High School


Cafi Cohen interview
Early years, ages 2-6Grades 1-6
High school


Blumenfeld, Samuel L.: How to Tutor
Dobson, Linda: Homeschooling the Early Years (3-8 years)
Henry, Shari: Homeschooling the Middle Years (8-12 years)
Cohen, Cafi: Homeschooling the Teen Years (13-18 years)
Rupp, Rebecca: Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool through High School
Mcalister, Diana  & Oneschak, Candice: Homeschooling the High Schooler
Gowen Dennis, Jeanne: Homeschooling Highschool, Planning Ahead for College Admission

About Reading  Book Lists and Book Lists:

Web sites:

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling
About . com
Wikipedia Great Books
The Great Books List


Trelease, Jim: The Read-Aloud Handbook
Openheim, Joanne, et al: Choosing Books for Kids
Adler, Mortimer J. & Van Doren, Charles: How to Read a Book:  The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading 

Educators address Education and Schools Today:

Web sites:
Learn in Freedom
John Taylor Gatto
John Holt: Growing without Schooling
Thomas Armstrong: ADD Myth
Thomas Armstrong: Utopian Schools
Thomas Armstrong: Labels


Gatto, John Taylor: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling
Holt, John: How Children Learn
                 How Children Fail

Loewen, James W.: Lies My Teacher Told Me
Ravitch, Diane: The Language Police
Zimmerman, Jonathan: Whose America? Culture Wars in the Public Schools
Armstrong, Thomas: In Their Own Way


Web sites:

Interview with Cafi Cohen
Learn in Freedom: Colleges


Cohen Cafi:  And What About College? 
                   A Homeschoolers’ College Admissions Handbook

Bear, John and Mariah P.: Bears’ Guide to Earning College Degrees Nontraditionally 

Record Keeping and Portfolios:

Web sites:

A to Z Home’s Cool: Portfolios
About . com


Heuer, Loretta: The Homeschooler’s Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts

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